For Parents

As parents we always worry and have questions. At Complete Children's Health, we listen and care about your concerns. Our For Parents area is devoted to addressing, educating, and informing parents about some of the common issues and topics that we hear about as pediatricians. Please contact us with questions.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Patient
Education Online

An easy way to browse for information about common health and safety concerms with your child. To search for information please use the Patient Education search box on the right side of this page.
is a resource by the Amercian Academy of Pediatrics, and is a go-to destination for children’s health information. Click the image to visit the site.

Recalls and Safety Bulletins
Click here to read some of the most recent recall and safety information.

Immunization Resources

Immunization Schedule
An easy to reference online guide to know when your child's immunizations are due.
Immunization Resources
Everything a parent needs to know about vaccines.

 Feeding Resources


Guidelines For Feeding Your Infant/Toddler
View our extensive chart on what to feed your child as they grow.

 General Resources


Book Resources
A list of books recommended for parents to read on a variety of child health and parenting issues.

Web Resources
Links to reputable online resources pertaining to child health and parenting issues.

Practice Forms
Click for easy access to the practice's forms.

Practice Policies
Click to view the practice policies.